Transition Area

What are the Transition Areas?

The transition areas are where athletes change from one sport to the next: from swim to bike, and from bike to run. Here’s how they work for Humboldt Tri­Kids:

After swimming, the athlete WALKS to the pool transition area, which is the patio outside the pool. S/he dries off, puts on running shoes (no sandals or bare feet) and a race number (usually pinned to the front of a T shirt), and leaves her/his towel and swim goggles behind.

Next, the athlete RUNS to the bike transition area, where s/he puts on a bike helmet and WALKS the bike to the start of the bike course.

At the end of the bike course, the athlete WALKS his/her bike into the bike transition area, puts it back where it started, jogs to the Run Out sign and then RUNS to the finish line!

Here are some important facts about the transitions:

• Your kid will set up her/his pool transition with her/his wave of athletes. Kids need to bring their SHOES and RACE NUMBER to the pool, along with shorts or any other clothes they will be putting on over their bathing suits, a towel, and goggles for the swim.

Kids set up their pool transitions one or two heats before they swim with the help of trained volunteers.

• Your kid will have a bike rack space in the bike transition area. All kids in the same age group are racked together to make it fair. Kids can rack their bikes and helmets until 9:30.  Kids may have a water bottle and/or other gear at the bike transition. Once racing starts, only the athletes who are racing can be in the bike transition.

• There are trained volunteers in both transition areas to guide and encourage kids and to keep things safe.

Here’s how you can help your kid with transitions:

• Check the weather report to help them choose clothes to wear that will be comfortable for our changeable Humboldt County weather.

• The athlete’s race time includes time they’re in transition areas, so athletes don’t want to waste time there. Talk through the transition process with them so that they can make good transitions. A fast transition is efficient, but not so rushed that it’s stressful.

• On race day, stand back, take pictures, and cheer – but let your kid do this her/himself.  The transition areas are No Parents Allowed.

A few things are different for relay teams:

• After swimming, the first athlete walks to the pool transition area, dries off (maybe), puts on shoes, and runs to the bike transition area. They don’t put on a race number.

• In the bike transition area, they tag their cyclist, who already has on a helmet and is ready to bike.

• The cyclist finishes in the bike transition area and tags the runner, who runs to the finish.

After the race:

• Come get your kids’ stuff! Your kids’ towel, goggles, etc are still in the pool transition.  Pick them up as soon as possible after the race is over.

• Your kids’ bike and helmet are still in the bike transition. Bring your kids’ race number to avoid confusion.