Five Reasons

“Everyone who Tri’s is a winner!” 
Five reasons for getting kids involved:

1. FUN This is a one-day individual athletic event for children only. It is as exciting to watch as it is for the kids to do it. Three sports are better than one!

2. SELF ESTEEM While the event is challenging, it is also extremely rewarding. After the event, these children are ready to conquer the world! The kids go home with a medal, flowers, goodies, a T-shirt, a tired body, and a boosted self image.

3. RESPONSIBILITY Each child is completely responsible for all three events, including the very important transitions.

4. FAMILY VALUES We estimate children spend 10 to 200 hours with family and friends to prepare. Active families are happy families!

5. HEALTHY HEART Triathlon includes three ways for aerobic (increased heart rate) exercise. Exercise increases high density cholesterol and makes for a stronger cardiovascular system. Swimming, biking, and running can be done anywhere, with anyone, and at any age.

In spite of our knowledge of the benefits of exercise, American kids and adults alike have become less active and less healthy. We would like to change that. For kids, the Tri-Kids triathlon is a great start.